How to make serious money with solo ads?

SoloAdGiggsOnFiverrIf you have been around traffic exchange programs for a while you must have come across another member of the “click-for-traffic” family, which is text ads exchange programs.

For me those are just another version of safe lists: people on the list accept to receive your emails, and to get enough credit to send that email you need to view their emails and click the credit link included.

Anyway, those programs send you several kinds of emails, one of them is “solo ads”. And let me tell you, back when they started they worked like magic. I could send an email and get on average 200 visits to my site, and with a 1% conversion I get at least 2 sales per email I send out.

Now if you get 40 visits from one solo ad you send out that would be a record breaking. The more of those arise every day and the older they get the more the members lose interest and go inactive.

So to get 10 sales per day averaging $10 per sale you need to get 1000 visits to a landing page that does a super job interrupting the pattern and getting visitors to actually pay attention to your message.

Now this could mean you have to read on average a hundred emails per program, click those credit links, copy/paste your message to send it out, and repeat that whole thing in hundreds of programs (literally, not exaggerating).

Aside from being time consuming, it is practically impossible to do that every day, 5 days a week, just to make enough to pay for life expenses. That’s without considering the time you need to find a new offer and prepare a campaign of an email/subject line/a landing page combination (conversion drops after your second email, so you have to be ready with new offers and super converting landing pages every other day).

So to keep doing it with solo ads you need to buy them. And let me tell you, the best converting solo ads to the best solo ad list in the “click-for-traffic” industry would give you 2 sales and one of them might ask for a refund!

So with the current cost of solo ads provided by this kind of programs you have a 50/50 chance to either break even or lose your investment.

But you know what, the term “Solo ad” does not apply to these ads! Do you know what a solo ad really is? It is the one you receive from a newsletter you subscribed to and you open it just to read it, not because you want to click a link in the email to get enough credit to send your own!

A solo ad that you open only because you want to read it is the one that converts and deserves your investment.

So let’s agree on one thing. When we say “Solo ad” from now on we DO NOT mean the ones with credit link! OK?


Back in 2008 I wrote an article titled “how to legally and ethical steal someone else’s business” and I published it on one of my blogs. This article became the basis for some businesses who are now selling their training on doing the same thing and charge $1000! Right now while I am writing this I am listening to a presentation by a couple of guys who are trying to sell me this training!

Any way, you need to get lists of people who are building them to communicate with their lists. Those are the ones that sell you a good converting quality of visitors to your website through a solo ad.

Those high quality lists could cost you anything between $300 and $10,000 (or more) to send one solo ad. So you need to know your numbers before you send out a solo ad with this kind of investment.

Also, there are solo ad providers who make money only by selling solo ads. Some of them are cheaters and will get you to buy more of their solo ads by artificially inflating your conversion rate on your first test solo.

So to get you to start doing Solo ad marketing without having to spend that much money and at the same time get you to know your numbers better I have a plan for you.

1. Go to Fiverr and sign up for an account if you don’t have one already (you only need an email address and an active paypal account to sign up, no cost).

Click here to create a Fiverr account, use this coupon code (FLY20) for 20% discount on your first order. 

2. After you confirm your account come back to this page and click on the link below. It will take you to a list of Fiverr members who offer sending your solo ad to thousands of subscribers for $5 solo ad.

Click here to get a list of solo ad providers on Fiverr.

3. Get the gigs with the best rating by the highest number of people. I would go for a gig with 3.5 stars rating by 20 people rather than a 5 star rating by just one user. Order and pay the $5 and provide your email subject line and body (including your link).

4. One order is not going to give you enough data, 5 will give you some data, 10 will give you a more realistic set of data, and the higher the number the better.

You want to spend on Fiverr gigs solos as much as you would spend on a high quality solo ad from one of the providers recommended below. This way you will have enough data to spend $300 on one solo ad.

The beauty of Fiverr is that you can change your subject line, email body, and the landing page every $5 you spend on solos! You have 45 chances to tweak your campaign for the maximum conversion possible.

And the best part is that you have the chance to make profit while optimizing your campaign. I had spent a ton of money on collecting data from paid advertising before I could get any of the campaigns to be profitable, the whole time losing money during the optimization phase. With this low cost per solo you don’t have to lose money to get the data you need to optimize.

5. After you are satisfied with your optimization you can go ahead and buy solo ads from any of the list providers in the resources below:

Yo’s list.

These two are here to save you a ton of money and unlimited frustration if you are going on your own to test solo ad providers. They tested them for you.

Now before you go ahead and start executing your solo ad marketing according to this plan, I want you to know that the best thing to do with these solo ads is to build your own list. Get the active ones in those lists to be on your own list that you can email without paying for it. You’ve already paid to send them that first email, don’t pay one more time to get the same people to see your ad. Capture them.

Here is a list building training that in my opinion is worth 10 times the tag $4.5 price.

Click here to learn the super list method from Alex Jeffrey.

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You can not make money on traffic exchange without this

If you go through this website you will notice two things:

GoDaddy_1_Dollar_Hosting1. All of the methods I used to make me money on traffic exchange programs have one thing in common: I promote my own website.

2. There are no affiliate links in any of the posts. When I refer to a program I just mention the domain name and you go figure it out.

I am bringing this up just to remind you that this blog is not to promote a bunch of affiliate programs to make money out of you.

It is here to help you succeed.

Also I want you to know that when the time comes and I use an affiliate link it will be for something that’s really good and you can not succeed in making money online in general without it.

I think now you already know what this post is about; web hosting.

You know there is a huge number of web hosting companies that pay me as an affiliate all the way up to $300 per referral. None of them is mentioned on this blog because as I said before I don’t want you to feel that I am just trying to make money out of you.

Today though I found a deal on web hosting that can not be passed, and I though I have to tell you about it.

It’s a $12 hosting for 12 month from Go Daddy, and it includes a domain name.

The hosting package in this promotion is really basic and it comes with no advertising coupons or anything extra. Just the hosting with cpanel control area and a domain name.

And that’s exactly what you need to build a website for your promotions, or a blog for your article/social media marketing.

If I were you I would go for the blog. It’s easy to install (if you need help use their chat, they respond quickly), and you can turn it into something to be proud of and show your friends and family as your business (the blog, not the content).

And as I mentioned on “beyond TE: Free Traffic the Good Way” you do the work on generating the content now and it stays there to make you money as long as you have the blog.

With this deal on web hosting you really have no excuse except that you’re really broke and can’t come up with $12. In this case you might want to start with trying to take surveys for cash. they don’t pay much per survey (mostly less than $1 and never more than $6 per survey) but it’s a start that costs you nothing but time (which  is more valuable than any money).

Just act fast, this deal is not going to stay there forever.

And just for the record, I am not a big fan of Go Daddy. They gave me hard time more than once in issues not related to hosting. Basically they don’t pay their affiliates (so there’s a chance if you buy through my affiliate link on this page that they will not pay me my commission).

But as I said above, it’s a deal that can not be passed on web  hosting. If someone is just starting this is a perfect match.

Click here to get your 1 year of hosting + a domain name for $12 from Go Daddy.

Please note that this offer is available through this link only in the US, UK, Australia and Canada. Currency exchange rate could affect your actual cost (1.45 CAD, 1 GBP, 1 AUD, and 1 USD).

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How to Pick a Traffic Exchange Program that’s not a Waste of Time?

Surfing traffic exchange for credit can be a serious waste of time if you are not making serious money in return. For me serious money is within the $100/day range. I live in a very expensive city and this is how much I need to maintain a decent life for my and my little girls.

I will take it from the perspective of a CPA publisher, because this is what I do. So let’s begin.

First I start with the offer (the thing I want to sell). CPA publishers know that most offers are geo-targeted. And the most lucrative ones target the US market.

So to begin with I check the geo-targeting of the offer. Let’s say I’ve got an offer that targets the US market. And I want to promote it to traffic exchange users.

The second step is to go to and check the url of each traffic exchange program I am considering for this promotion. would tell you where the traffic of any website is coming from.

So my goal is to pick traffic exchange programs that get more US traffic for this promotion. For this example I checked,,,,,, and,,, and receive decent-to-high US traffic percentage of the overall traffic these sites get. And quite frankly the first two are where the money is.

On the other hand, gets more than 80% of its traffic from China. This is useless for the promotion considered in this example.

As a general rule of thumb, if the website is getting a decent amount of traffic from the US then it’s my top priority. Usually the US traffic is where the money is. A website that gets most of the traffic from China and a little from the US without the option to geo-target my campaigns is a waste of time, so I don’t use those.

This also applies to safelists and text-ad solo sites.

I hope this post will help you save time and effort and focus on what works for you.

Happy new year!


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Promoting traffic exchange programs to traffic exchange users

The vast majority of the pages you will see while surfing for credit are for other traffic exchange programs. The last time I checked (which was years ago) there was around a couple hundreds of those programs. And their only way to be seen and get members to sign up is through other established traffic exchange programs.

If you are not aware of it, main stream reputable sites don’t allow the mention or advertising of traffic exchange on them. And if you do there is a penalty that goes all the way up to terminating your advertiser account.

So the only way for traffic exchange programs to get more visitors is by using other traffic exchange programs. And by the way there is money in it. Not much though. Not as much as you can make if you focus your efforts on optimizing one of the methods described in previous posts.

But there is money. And obviously some people are interested in it. So if you are one of the interested surfers here is the best way to do it.

Actually I tried two methods. One is a simple page with links to the traffic exchange programs that I thought were the best at time of building that page (2007). I can’t find the url of that page anymore, but here is another one close enough with other links to PTC programs (not a good idea by the way):

The older page had only traffic exchange programs on it and it had a title that addressed new users and offered them more free traffic based on their understanding of the concept at the time of joining a traffic exchange program, which is more traffic exchange programs.

The page was converting well and it was getting attention until I stopped. It is actually how I built my downline in those traffic exchange programs (it is important to do if you want to get more credit without wasting your time clicking for it).

The other method is building a list of people interested in more free traffic. Again at the time of them joining these programs their idea about free traffic is more click-for-traffic sites. This is what they wanted so I gave it to them by email.

And to keep my conscious clear about it I had in place a series of follow up emails that educate my subscribers on other sources of free traffic that are time efficient and drive higher quality of real mindful visitors.

And just to keep you aware of the possibilities, I don’t think I exceeded a hundred bucks from my traffic exchange referral commission. So don’t build hopes on it. Most of the users are free users and this is not going to change unless they see serious money coming from their clicking.

I didn’t put much effort in it though. So maybe someone else who is more patient than me could make a little bit more. I don’t know.

One last thought about this issue: using traffic exchange to promote traffic exchange programs and using that as a source of income is a bad idea. It’s like having a lemonade stand in your yard and your only customers are your parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

This is my opinion and it’s up to you.

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What NOT to promote on traffic exchange programs

Before I get to the niches that you should not waste your time trying to promote them on traffic exchange programs you need to know one thing very well: You can not rotate your affiliate links that you get from CPA networks on traffic exchange programs. There are several reasons for that.

Number one reason is that by rotating your affiliate url that get from the CPA network you are harming the network in several ways. The ratio between your conversions and the url clicks (which are now going to register every time one of the traffic exchange users sees your site) will be very low and will affect the overall offer’s EPC (earning per click). The advertiser will not be happy and might leave to another network. Also the domains that rotate on traffic exchange programs get some kind of Google penalty and you don’t want to do that to your network.

The second reason is your relationship with the network. If you have a poor conversion rate less advertisers will allow you to promote their offers. And if you get complaints from advertisers the network can and will terminate your account.

So always use a buffer landing page on your own domain hosted by you. 

The niches that you should not waste your time trying to push on traffic exchange programs include anything that has nothing to do with making money on the Internet or generating web traffic. Think about your reaction when you are surfing for traffic and find a dating site or a weight loss offer. Are you interested? Or rather your state of mind at this moment drives you to ignore this offer and continue surfing to get traffic to your site so that you have a bigger chance of making money?

I don’t know about you but these offers interest me but as a marketer not as a buyer. I might learn about a new weight loss offer because someone is rotating it on traffic swarm and I might check for their affiliate program to build a campaign for it.

Another kind of websites that you should never rotate on traffic exchange programs is a website that has adsense ads on it. Google will shut down this adsense account.

Also try to resist rotating generic websites that MLM companies give their members. The are usually low converting pages and everyone in the industry has already seen them thousands of times and decided to ignore them (or joined already). Don’t be lazy, build your own landing page.

The last thing in my mind right now is that you need to keep in mind that traffic exchange users are entry level Internet marketers. You can not try to sell them advanced Internet marketing tools without educating them about their need to use this tool and how it will make their lives easier as marketers. This requires that you take them out of the room and talk to them in private (get them to sign up to your list and receive your educative emails).

That’s it for today. After I published last night’s post I thought it’s appropriate to quickly follow it by this one so that you don’t waste your time and efforts.

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What to promote on traffic exchange programs?

From the previous posts you should know now how to interrupt their surfing pattern and grab the attention to your offer. However, you need to know that not all offers are created equal. There are offers that appeal more to traffic exchange users than others.

What appeals the most to traffic exchange users is the word “FREE” big and red. So if your offer costs nothing to them but gets you paid per lead expect a higher than average conversion rate.

Traffic exchange users are there for free traffic and for making money. If your offer is related to these two then yes you can make sales, not only get paid per lead.

“Once upon a time” I was running a test on traffic exchange. The offer was fast free traffic and costs $10. I ran the test for only 1 night. The next day I found a sale in my paypal account. So I recommended the offer to someone to run it on traffic exchange and expand to other forms of click-for-traffic programs.

Also business opportunity offers that have a high converting sales page. I am not talking about MLMs that give you a sick dead landing page and ask you to make money with it. The offers that convert are from CPA networks and have some converting criteria that I think should be covered in a separate post, but for now there is a persona presenting the offer and that persona represents the typical individual in your target market. So if the offer targets single mothers the persona should be presented as a single mother and her picture with her kids should be the main picture on the landing page. Also the offer should have a way to keep the visitor interested even if they try to close the page, like gradual drop of the price to the point that a person would keep trying to close the page intentionally trying to get to the bottom price.

These offers are only available through serious networks. There are other offers that might be better in quality on networks like warriorplus and jvzoo, but the conversion is not that impressive compared to what you can get from a CPA offer.

The problem is that you can not get accepted by a CPA network if you tell them you will be building landing pages and rotating them on traffic exchange programs. You have to face it: traffic exchange programs and users have a bad reputation of being freebie seekers, hence the bad quality of the traffic exchange traffic.

Your only chance is to build a website/blog and fill it with good content to apply with it for a CPA network account. While building the website you can gain experience in affiliate marketing using other networks as mentioned above and in other posts. You will need it while answering the interview questions before you are accepted in the network.

Also other tools that traffic exchange users can use are converting to some extent. The problem is that you will need to educate those users about their need for these tools by making a sales video (or lead capture video). The reward from some tools is very worth it (starting from $70 up to $150 per sale), so if you can not make the video yourself hire someone to do it and promote using the methods described on this blog to make your investment back from the first sale.

That’s it for tonight. Start experimenting with different offers until you find a winner. There is a problem that you will be facing though. The same eyes will be seeing the same offer until they are bored of it. You can safely assume that if someone will buy from you he/she will do so on the second or third day you rotate the offer. After that point everybody else has already decided to either buy or ignore. You don’t waste your time beyond this point. Find something else and rotate it.

You can recycle your landing pages/offers every couple of months. New eyes and new exposure might be the reason for a few sales. If you can be ready every month with 10 offers that you’ll be rotating each for 3 days and then move to the next offer until the end of the month.

That’s it for tonight, for real this time. Have a good night.


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The simplest traffic exchange money maker I used

This is the simplest and easiest system I ever used to generate income from traffic exchange programs and other click-for-traffic sites. I got the idea from a Dutch guy, I don’t know his real name, but he gave it away as a CPA training.

The system is as simple as a landing page, a loop page, and two CPA offers. Here is how it is set up.

The landing page that you will be rotating is a blank page with a big banner at the center that includes a good call to action. This is an offer that pays per lead (within $2 range). If the offer doesn’t give you that huge banner a screen shot (or a group of screen shots grouped in one) will do the trick.

Link this image, not straight to the offer, but to a loop page that you will build, also very simple. At the top you will put a head line that urges the visitors to check the offer below. And below you will put a another image like the one on the landing page and link that to a closely related offer that pays per sale or has a higher payout.

Below this whole think you will have a text that says: “No thanks, please take me to the …………..” and replace the blank with the name of the offer you mentioned on the landing page, and link this text to the per lead offer you started with.

I used this system in 2010 with a per lead offer that was on many CPA networks (most of them disappeared with some of my commission, another lesson to learn) and I was testing the higher paying offers daily. From the low paying per lead offer alone this system was generating $300 monthly. The per sale or higher ticket offers would hardly match this figure.

Not bad for Zombie traffic.

Here is an example that’s still online:

Besides the money I earned from this system I learned a valuable lesson: not to put all of my eggs in one basket. Luckily from the beginning I was testing the conversion of the same offer from different networks, so I got paychecks from all of them. When two of those disappeared without paying the last check I didn’t lose all of my earnings thanks to a software I got that rotates offers for me, which I fed with all my affiliate links from all networks.

Also if the networks allows advertisers with bad reputation who were kicked out from other networks with the big names like ClickBooth and NeverBlue then there’s a chance you will not be paid. So don’t waste your time and effort with them.

Time to get busy. You too, get busy trying this simple system if you have CPA network account already. If not stay tuned because on this blog I intend to reveal all of what you need to make these systems work for you.

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Building a buyers list on traffic exchange programs

Before you start celebrating this is a very slow and not worth your time if you compare it with other methods to build a buyers list, like Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula, or the same funnel with PPC advertising as a source of traffic instead of traffic exchange. With that out of the way, if you have the time and no money to invest at this point then keep reading because you’ll learn about building a buyers list from the worst source of traffic.

I used two methods to do that and only one worked. I might have not been patient enough for the second method to get results, but I have other things I would like to do in my life other than clicking for traffic.

The first method is giving something for free and selling the rights to sell that thing as an up-sell. For that purpose I purchased a ready system for $10, installed it on a subdomain of the many domains I registered over the years, and started sending traffic to it.

The free giveaway was a bunch of training ebooks about SEO, traffic, conversion, affiliate marketing, Adsense, web 2.0, and many others. This is a giveaway that can not be resisted by anyone serious about building a source of income on the Internet. And it just happened that this is the kind of people you want on your list.

At the front end there is a sign up form. Upon submitting the name and email the prospects are taken to a thank you page that has a CPA offer on it (this is my addition to the system). To get the ebooks the prospects have to check their email for the confirmation link I’ve sent them and click it in order to access the download page.

Once they confirm their subscription to my list they find a page that says: “Wait, this is NOT an OTO” and I explain why they can come back to this page whenever they are ready to buy. I give them the chance to download the ebooks and read them before they decide to buy the master resell rights.

The offer itself is the master resell rights to the ebooks. The offer explains how they can use them to build their own lists and gives them the sales funnel for each product in the package.

A couple of days after the subscription the prospects receive a reminder of the “Not one time offer” they’ve seen on their way to the download page.

When someone decides to buy the master resell rights and do so actually my paypal is set up to take them to another optin page that requires them to submit the email they want to send the download link.

Now this one is a killer, and it is my invention. I don’t have a name for it yet, but here is the idea.

To receive the free stuff you might have an email dedicated to receiving messages you are not going to read. If you sign up to my list with this email the one time you will open my email is to download your stuff and most probably you will never see my other emails that I will send you later.

On the other hand, when you pay for getting something now you are serious about it and most probably you will enter the paypal email address you used to pay because I ask you to on the optin page and because you want every thing related to the purchase in one account just in case you need to dispute if you don’t receive your stuff and I am not responding to your support tickets.

This email address that you are using for your paypal account is the one you are most likely to check, which means more exposure to my messages and affiliate links.

And I was right. This list of a handful of subscribers made me more money than the 500+ free prospects list.

The second system was a system I purchased from Mike Filsaime (another $2000 mistake) that promised something and gave me garbage that made me no money.

Anyway, the system starts with sale, no freebie at the front end. Although it was not costly (under $7) the response was really low and was not worth the effort.

The lesson learned from the above 2 experiments is to start with a freebie and make the word FREE stand out, like in filling the whole above the folder area, to grab the attention, then ask for money after they are happy with the free stuff.

This requires you give a high quality gift, because if they don’t like the free gift they will never buy the master resell rights to it.

That’s it for today, now go back and read through the first system one more time and start experimenting with things you already have downloaded on your computer, or find a ready system to buy.

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Instant Cash on Demand from Traffic Exchange Programs

My later update of the system I described in the last post was to make money and get paid instantly with traffic exchange. If you have been doing CPA for a month or more you’d relate to this. You make the money now and it shows in your account, but you get the check net 15 or net 30. This means the check will be sent to you after the 15th or the 30th of the next month.

Not bad for long term business, but what if I need cash right now? I can’t wait for the check to be sent 15 or 30 days later and take another week in the mail.

This method is a simple low cost way to put money in my paypal account whenever I need to.

Here is the thing: I used the exact same method from last post, which is rotating a PPV-ready landing page linking to a product that pays per sale. The difference is the product.

There are affiliate network that give you instant payment to your paypal account once you generate a sale, and in return you grant them the authority to process refunds from your paypal account on your behalf. I use a special paypal account for this purpose and I don’t leave more than a hundred bucks in it just in case someone hacks the network system and tries to hack my paypal and bank accounts.

There is a free one that you can join right now and start making money promoting their products, except that the payments are not going to be instant until you build a history. That network is I love it, and it’s run by the same people running the affiliate program that I currently use and cost me $3.99/month, which grants instant payment instantly, no need to wait and build a history.

That favorite network of mine is the one run by the warrior forum:

It is my favorite for a conversion related reason rather than the instant direct payment to my paypal account. The landing page of the product (also called a warrior special offer, or WSO for short) includes after the sales pitch post a series of posts written by other members of the warrior forum grilling and criticizing the product.

This works as a “social proof”. When someone clicks on my affiliate link and goes to the sales page and finds the discussion underneath the product including positive and negative feedback they get the feeling of having all their questions answered, which helps them make the purchase decision. They can also ask their own questions and get answers from the seller.

This is the exact opposite of CPA offers or clickbank products. You can interact with the seller and build a relationship with him/her. You can also post your own review after you try the product.

Another conversion related reason is that the prices of most WSOs are within the limit that traffic exchange users are comfortable paying, which is under $27. This is not the case with, clickbank, or CPA offers.

A third one is that most of the time you will find a youtube video made by the seller that you can use on your landing page.

Have a look at this landing page as an example. The product is good by the way despite some negative feedback at the end of the discussion, which mostly because the seller is not supporting the product anymore after having newer ones that make him more money than this cheap one:

It has all the elements of an ideal, surfing pattern interrupting landing page. This kind of landing pages is not allowed on PPV because the video start playing upon loading the page, if you are going to use it as a template (and yes you can, I give you my consent, just post a link to your landing page in the comment section as my condition to give this right), turn off the autoplay option (you can ask me how in the comments section if you need help).

That’s it for today. Have fun experimenting with your system and make money on demand using your traffic exchange credit. When I do it I expand on text solo ads and safelists because these products have a short life, so I want to make as many sales as I could before they die out on me.

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My next success on Traffic Exchange Programs: No list building

As you can tell from the nature of traffic exchange programs, most of the users are not there to spend any money. The fact that they are looking for a free source of traffic to their websites, and being desperate enough to settle for clicking for hours to get a lead or two per week is a sign that you are not going to make a lot of money selling to them when they are on your list.

And one more thing you need to know about list building on traffic exchange programs: the only way to get more than one sign up per month (to your list, not to your business) is to give something for free and monetize the process as described in the previous post. Selling on the other hand builds a higher quality list of buyers, which is the way to go using other sources of traffic. It doesn’t work that well on traffic exchange.

So after a while the responsiveness of my list I built from traffic exchanges and other “click for traffic” programs started to decline, and I kind of got bored of finding new ideas of free giveaways to use for building my list while clicking my life away.

So initially I dropped the whole clicking for traffic thing, including safelists and text ad solo programs. My focus went to article marketing because it’s a perpetual source of traffic. I build the article campaign now and keep getting traffic from it for months (and sometimes years), as opposed to assigning the traffic credit now and once depleted I have to start clicking again in the case of traffic exchange programs.

I am a typical typist, I type with 8 fingers + a thumb. And this is the only way I can go around on the keyboard. I don’t know where the keys are anymore. My fingers do. So to keep building article campaigns I need all of my fingers to do the job. I also don’t spin my articles, I rewrite them if I have to submit to more than one directory.

Unfortunately I had a small accident and fractured my right index.

For a week I was just getting ideas and waiting for that finger braces to be removed so that I start typing again. The bad news is that after taking it off I had to go through some physiotherapy to get my index moving again.


So I had to figure out another way to put food on the table for my family.

Back to clicking. All what I needed is one finger on the mouse and the left hand on the ctrl+tab to navigate between browser tabs. But I know this is not going to be fast enough to cover my next month bills and expenses.

I did not mention above that I spent thousands on PPV training and although it was working for me I discovered that it’s not working for the advertisers who pay me per lead due to some unethical practices by some PPV networks. So I dropped it. But still I have the landing pages I built for my PPV campaigns. So I decided to rotate one of them on TrafficSwarm and TrafficG (these two are the best and are my main focus when I do traffic exchange marketing).

The offer this time was paying me per sale, not per lead. So the user has to submit a valid credit card number and a transaction has to take place before I can get paid.

The surprise the next day, after clicking for two days, I made a sale and got credited $49.

So it works. It actually works better than PPV. People behind the screen here are real, not bots, and if they are interested in what I am promoting they’ll want it and maybe buy it.

Let me rephrase this: if I can make the offer look interesting enough for a traffic exchange user I can make sales. And I did.

The landing page was very simple: a picture of the person behind the offer, a head line I copied from their landing page, and a call to action button. I didn’t say anything about “buying”. Just “click here to start” button.

The next day it made two more sales, and bye the end of the week I made enough to pay my bills the next month. The offer stopped converting because you know, the same people seeing the same offer every day, one week is enough for them to decide whether they want it or not. Then the offer was taken down from the network because another network got exclusive rights to it, and made it available only to those who generate $1M/year in commission or more.

So I tried the system with a new landing page and a couple of new offers. One of them was another success.

My index got better and I was able to type again, so I got back to the long term plan and I found a product on clickbank that converted like crazy on Facebook ads so I focused on those and dropped the clicking for traffic one more time. You know it’s a serious time consumer and I have a family to care about. But still, I had this strategy up my sleeve for whenever I need money right now. And instead of promoting CPA offers I found networks where I get my affiliate commission instantly deposited to my paypal account every time I make a sale.

I hope this inspires you to do something similar and get results. Just be aware that clickbank products don’t work that well on traffic exchange programs because your audience are already clickbank affiliates and if they like the product they will buy it from their own affiliate link and get the commission in their account instead of yours.

Also if the product is low quality there will be refunds or charge backs and the result will be reversed commission, which is a loss of the time and effort you’ve put in building the landing page and clicking for traffic.

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